• Star Wars Legion: Essentials Kit

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Narzędzia niezbędne do wygodnego rozpoczęcia rozgrywki

Help your players dive into the battles of Star Wars: Legion with this helpful kit! The Star Wars Legion: Essentials Kit gathers together all the necessary cards, dice, tokens, and other tools players need to play the game in one convenient package, letting them get started quickly and easily. Additionally, this kit also collects the 12 battle cards for the 500-point Skirmish mode in a product for the first time, inviting new and veteran players alike to explore this alternate way to play.

Star Wars Legion: Essentials Kit includes:

  • 8 Command Cards
    • 1 Ambush (Core Set Art)
    • 1 Push (Core Set Art)
    • 1 Assault (Core Set Art)
    • 1 Standing Orders (Core Set Art)
    • 1 Ambush (Clone Wars Core Set Art)
    • 1 Push (Clone Wars Core Set Art)
    • 1 Assault (Clone Wars Core Set Art)
    • 1 Standing Orders (Clone Wars Core Set Art)
  • 24 Battle Cards
    • Intercept the Transmissions
    • Key Positions
    • Recover the Supplies
    • Breakthrough
    • Battle Lines
    • Major Offensive
    • Disarray
    • The Long March
    • Clear Conditions
    • Hostile Environment
    • Rapid Reinforcements
    • Limited Visibility
    • Faceoff
    • Battle Lines
    • Flanking Positions
    • Meeting Engagement
    • Pivotal Positions
    • Elimination
    • Control
    • Breach
    • War Weary
    • Improvised Defenses
    • Dawn
    • Clear Conditions (Skirmish)
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