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Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Storm & Cyclops   Scott Summers is Cyclops, the first member of the mutant team theX-Men. Summers mutant power causes him to produce beams of optic force from his eyes. Unable to control these beams, Cyclops must wear protective ruby lenses to shield others from his mutant ability. As the field leader of theX-Men, Cyclops is a master tactician and skilled combatant who never stops fighting for equality between mutants and human kind.    Ororo Munroe descends from along line of witch-priestesses.Once worshipped as a goddess of the storm, she is a mutant with the ability to control the weather, able to produce hurricane winds and summon lightning at a whim. After a chance encounter with Professor Xavier, Munroe joined his task force, the X-Men. As a member of the X-Men, she is Storm, a capable leader and one of the most powerful mutants in existence.   Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Blade & Moon Knight   Two new heroes join the fray to battle darkness in Marvel: Crisis Protocol! Born while the vampire Deacon Frost fed on his mother, Eric Brooks had a portion of the vampiric condition passed on to him. He uses the abilities of this infection to destroy vampires as Blade, a super-powered hunter who possesses the strengths of vampire kind while having none of their weaknesses.   Meanwhile, Marc Spector is Moon Knight, the Fist of Khonshu. A supernatural crime-fighter with powers tied to the cycles of the moon, he uses every tool at his disposal to fight darkness with darkness. In addition to their abilities, they also bring three new Team Tactics Cards to Crisis Protocol, giving players the chance to explore even more combinations.   Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Doctor Strange & Clea   Doctor Strange returns to Marvel: Crisis Protocol alongside one of his most devout disciples! Forced to seek out new allies and a new source of power beyond the boundaries of Earth, this version of Doctor Strange bears the title Sorcerer Supreme. A powerful sorceress and student of Doctor Strange, Clea once inhabited the Dark Dimension inhabited by the evil Dormammu. Trained in the mystical arts by the Sorcerer Supreme himself, she is nearly his equal in her control over magic.   Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Doctor Strange & Clea adds these masters of the mystic arts to players rosters, featuring a new version of Doctor Strange with all new abilities. Brought to life on the tabletop by two beautifully detailed, unpainted miniatures, both Doctor Strange and Cleas abilities make them powerful additions to the new Convocation affiliation while four Team Tactic Cards invite them to enhance their power with mystical artifacts such as the Book of Cagliostro and the Wand of Watoomb.   Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Emma Frost & Psylocke   Two powerful psychic mutants come to Marvel: Crisis Protocol in Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Emma Frost & Psylocke! First is Emma Frost, a powerful telepath with the ability to turn her body into organic diamond. Joining her is Psylocke, who can manifest the focused force of telepathic power as a psychic blade. This pack adds these characters to their collections with three beautifully sculpted miniatures and three stat cards: one for Psylocke and one for both Emma Frosts normal and diamond for. Beyond their basic abilities, this pack invites players to unlock even more potential in these characters with six Team Tactics cards, including one that gives Emma Frost a leadership ability for the new Hellfire Club Affiliation!   
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